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“I just have to take a moment to jump up and down on Oprah’s couch and yell about how much I love this woman.

She is a Harvard graduate, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a big ol’ hippie, a deadhead, a soon-to-be Tedtalk-er, a career coach, a dream weaver, a musician, and the list goes on. 

I’ve been doing career coaching sessions with her that have created some big shifts for me, it’s almost as life changing as it has been just to be in her presence. She helps you identify your dreams passions and gifts, and what impacts you want to have on the world, and then helps to put a structure to them that can bring them into reality in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams. 

I just had to toot her horn for a minute because I think she’s great. If you ever cross paths with her you better make her sing you a song because when she opens her mouth, angels come out.”

~Katie Ballard, Atlanta, GA

Sarah Speaks

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From webinars to educational presentations, Sarah Speaks. 

Career Coaching

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   Sarah helps her clients get exactly where they want to go.

Master Classes


Feel trapped in your job or career? Liberate yourself! 

"Whether you're looking for your first job, or thinking about making a career change, Sarah simply gets it. She's an amazing listener, a big-picture thinker, and an incredible ally and advocate to have in your corner. She has helped me throughout my career and has been an invaluable resource and sounding board since day one. I've had a remarkable success rate when applying for jobs since I started working with Sarah, being asked in for interviews for the resounding majority - in many ways thanks to her focused approach in helping me draft resumes, cover letters, and other application materials."

 - José López-Sánchez, Washington, D.C.