Sarah is an amazing coach and skilled in reading and understanding her clients. I took her Masterclass with 1x1 coaching and it helped to completely reshape and redefine my career trajectory into what I find is fulfilling and in an industry that I am passionate about. Not only did her coaching help me synthesize my long-term career goals, my passions, and my strengths, but she was a true support and sounding board as I went about my job search. Through her Masterclass, I was able to find and land a new job (very quickly) where I moved into a new industry and occupation! I highly recommend Sarah's Masterclass for anyone who is looking to make a change in their career!
I absolutely met my goals. I got a new job and a new admission into graduate school. I discovered industrial-organizational psychology and spoke to numerous professionals in the industry to determine compatibility.

I am 100% more confident and ready to purposefully direct my career. I found this to be the most beneficial takeaway from this course. I don't feel as tired at the end of the workday or lonely on the mission to continuously get closer to working in harmony with my strengths, interests, and values. I feel empowered and grateful.”
Your enthusiasm and empathy for each student is remarkable. Looking for a job is exhausting and overwhelming, and I truly believe that what you provide is essential for anyone who is in this predicament.
What benefitted me the most was taking some time with like-minded people, to focus on what is important to me and the skills that I have to achieve a fulfilling career.
“Sarah is an excellent career coach who empowers her clients to take charge in what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process. She guided me to help identify my priorities, narrow my focus, and formulate a realistic and effective plan. The combination of her compassion, authenticity, perspective, listening skills, support, and expertise are everything you would want in a career coach or life coach for that matter."
I just have to take a moment to jump up and down on Oprah’s couch and yell about how much I love this woman. I’ve been doing career coaching sessions with her that have created some big shifts for me, it’s almost as life changing as it has been just to be in her presence. She helps you identify your dreams passions and gifts, and what impacts you want to have on the world, and then helps to put a structure to them that can bring them into reality in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams.”