"Sarah is an excellent career coach who empowers her clients to take charge in what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process.  She guided me to help identify my priorities, narrow my focus, and formulate a realistic and effective plan.  The combination of her compassion, authenticity, perspective, listening skills, support, and expertise are everything you would want in a career coach or life coach for that matter."

-Whitney White, Atlanta GA


"I couldn’t have gotten these opportunities if it wasn’t for your support. I have come so far thanks to your guidance and advice through the past year. Words cannot express how grateful I am and how much of my success I owe to you. So, thank you so much, Sarah, for being such a wonderful person and for sharing all of your wisdom and knowledge with me. Your passion and energy always inspires me to reach even higher than I thought I could."

-Sarah Tona, Atlanta GA


"Sarah was instrumental in every step of my job search. She helped me identify companies/firms that were a good fit for me - worked extensively with me on drafting cover letters and other application materials - and guided me through the interview process. She also provided support and encouragement throughout what was a discouraging and frustrating time. I can confidently say that without Sarah I would not have landed a job." 

-Kyle Richless, New York NY


"I am sincerely appreciative of everything Sarah did to help me. Sarah constantly encouraged me to follow my passions and to move forward with my desire to have a non-traditional career path. Her willingness to offer valuable and personally tailored guidance and resources to help me achieve my professional goals made her an absolute pleasure to meet with. My experience with Sarah has beyond exceeded my expectations." 

-Brandy Randall, Atlanta GA


“Sarah provided the perspective and validation that catapulted me into purposeful action. Her approach is thorough, personable, and reflective of the passion and belief she has channeled into me with each of our meetings...Sarah has been instrumental in helping me remove barriers and achieve goals that may have otherwise taken years to do on my own.”

-S.J. Alley, Atlanta, GA