"Whether you're looking for your first job, or thinking about making a career change, Sarah simply gets it. She's an amazing listener, a big-picture thinker, and an incredible ally and advocate to have in your corner. She has helped me throughout my career and has been an invaluable resource and sounding board since day one. I've had a remarkable success rate when applying for jobs since I started working with Sarah, being asked in for interviews for the resounding majority - in many ways thanks to her focused approach in helping me draft resumes, cover letters, and other application materials."

 ~José López-Sánchez, Washington, D.C., Management Supervisor at AKQA, Washington, DC

"Sarah was instrumental in every step of my job search. She helped me identify companies/firms that were a good fit for me - worked extensively with me on drafting cover letters and other application materials - and guided me through the interview process. She also provided support and encouragement throughout what was a discouraging and frustrating time. I can confidently say that without Sarah I would not have landed this amazing job." 

~Kyle Richless, Head of Business Development, North America at Axiom, New York, NY

“I just have to take a moment to jump up and down on Oprah’s couch and yell about how much I love this woman. She is a Harvard graduate, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a big ol’ hippie, a deadhead, a Tedtalk-er, a career coach, a dream weaver, a musician, but most importantly an amazing human and caring soul. 

I’ve been doing career coaching sessions with her that have created some big shifts for me, it’s almost as life changing as it has been just to be in her presence. She helps you identify your dreams passions and gifts, and what impacts you want to have on the world, and then helps to put a structure to them that can bring them into reality in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams.” 

~Katie Ballard, Herbalist, Healer, & Muse-ician, Atlanta, GA

Excellent career coach who empowers her clients to take charge in what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process.  She guided me to help identify my priorities, narrow my focus, and formulate a realistic and effective plan.  The combination of her compassion, authenticity, perspective, listening skills, support, and expertise are everything you would want in a career coach or life coach for that matter."

~Whitney White, Social and Environmental Compliance, Control Union Certifications, Atlanta, GA

“Sarah provided the perspective and validation that catapulted me into purposeful action. Her approach is thorough, personable, and reflective of the passion and belief she has channeled into me with each of our meetings...Sarah has been instrumental in helping me remove barriers and achieve goals that may have otherwise taken years to do on my own.”

~S.J. Alley, Atlanta, GA

“I had the opportunity, no the pleasure of a career strategy session with the awesome Sarah Carlson. A mutual friend of ours sent me a link to a webinar Sarah was conducting and promised to connect us because she felt I could really benefit from what Sarah was offering. Boy I am so glad she did! I am currently experiencing a transition phase in my life where I have been forced to look for a new gig and or career opportunities. I quickly found out that the traditional ways of the job search no longer apply and it is not enough to just “know” someone. I watched Sarah’s webinar about 5 times before I actually spoke to her. Her teachings on developing a professional narrative and the art of self-advocacy was the “aha” I needed. Our one on one session was a real as real could get on both sides. As a seasoned professional with years of experience, anything less would not have benefited me. During our session, Sarah confirmed a few things I am doing right, constructive feedback on things I am doing wrong and recommended a few strategies that I can implement now to make my transition more productive and the experience fun. I look forward to working with Sarah in the future and highly recommend her services.”

~Cassandra M., Bad Azz in Transition