Sarah is a polished and inspiring public speaker who speaks from the heart. 


Often drawing on her personal and professional experiences as a Harvard-trained Wall Street attorney and international volunteer turned career coach and professor, Sarah speaks on many topics.  Sarah has spoken at law schools, undergraduate universities, companies, and associations all over the country.  Her topics range from the art of professional self-advocacy, professional narrative, finding your path, wild success, networking, women’s empowerment, and more. 

Here are a few of Sarah's standard talks for law schools and undergraduate universities:  

                              (1)             Mining for Gold Self-Assessment Workshop

                             (2)             How to Tailor and Rock a Resume  

                             (3)             Cover Letters:  The Art of Selling Yourself in One    

                                              Short Page

                             (4)             How to Use Narrative to Rock Every Interview

                             (5)             Getting to Know Your Professional Neighborhood: 

                                              The Art of Building Relationships

                             (6)             The Best Kept Secrets to Job Searching Success