Sarah is a polished and inspiring public speaker who speaks from the heart. 


Often drawing on her personal and professional experiences as a Harvard-trained Wall Street attorney and international volunteer turned career coach and professor, Sarah speaks to law students and lawyers on any and all things career related.

Here are a few of Sarah's standard talks for law schools:  

  1. Welcome to the Legal Profession: 3 Keys to Success

  2. Mining for Gold Self-Assessment Workshop

  3. How to Tailor and Rock a Resume

  4. Cover Letters: The Art of Selling Yourself in One Short Page

  5. How to Rock Every Interview with the Power of You

  6. Getting to Know Your Professional Neighborhood: The Art of Building a Network

  7. The Best Kept Secrets to Getting a Job NOW (for Soon-to-Be and Recent Graduates)

  8. Job Searching Tactics for International Students: 5 Secrets to Getting a Job in the U.S.

  9. The Blueprints for a Happy Career

  10. AND MORE!


"Sarah brings unparalleled infectious energy . . . . She is a tour de force of positivity and students are drawn to her message – if not transformed by it. We always introduced the Career Center through one of Sarah’s keynote presentations. I cannot think of a better way to set the tone for working with your office, re-energizing students, or motivating them to think beyond OCI . . ."

Lydia Russo, Former Assistant Dean for the Career Center, Emory Law 

"Having seen Sarah present previously, we knew it would be good, but it was fantastic! With her dynamic style, the students were excited to participate. The feedback from students included words like “awesome,” “amazing,” “incredibly informative,” and “fun.”  I would highly recommend Sarah to present at any (or all) of your professional development programs!"

Stephanie Powell, Assistant Dean for Career Services, Mercer School of Law

"Sarah’s 'Mining for Gold Workshop' is both engaging and enlightening. She is a dynamic speaker, effortlessly connecting with her audience and delivering relevant and valuable advice.  Our students were extremely pleased with this workshop, and I look forward to working with Sarah again in the future."

Lezlie A. Griffin, Assistant Dean for Career Services, Tulane Law