Here's what previous participants in Sarah's classes had to say:

To: Carlson, Sarah
Subject: Your class


Hey Sarah,

I know you get these all of time but it probably doesn’t hurt to still send. I was a student in your class and we briefly spoke over the phone in the fall. I am happy to announce that I used your tactic- strategically took someone out to coffee to express my interest in admissions and financial aid at Emory. I followed up with her and she told me about a job she had open. I applied, got a phone interview the next day, on campus the following week and an offer was made within 2 weeks of applying. I had no financial aid experience.
Your class really taught me how to advocate for myself and seek out the next step in my career.

Still have a binder full of your notes at home. My fiance and I used everything in it to take our careers a step forward.

Thank you again- hope you’re doing well in your new adventures,

— Lenet Rivas, Senior Financial Aid Advisor, Emory University


"I was amazed at how much I learned in just two days!  Sarah is an engaging and dynamic teacher.  She distilled such complex information and created easy to understand and remember tools to tackle any job search, from application materials to interviewing and beyond.  I would recommend this course to anyone - even if you think you know how to go about a job search, I promise you will find out new and better information.  I feel empowered to land my dream job."  ~ Paula Feldmeier, Macon, Georgia

"Thank you—I have an interview tomorrow because I came back after the last class last week and submitted an application that I’d been thinking about submitting.  I feel well-prepared for the interview because of the instruction I got in this class, and I probably got the interview because my resume, application & cover letter stood out among the hundreds they probably got!"

"I have learned so much from this class that I have a new excitement for my career search. I feel that I am more equipped to reach out to potential employers in search of my dream job. This course gave me direction and confidence to move into a new career field. This class was a dream come true, it was exactly what I needed and didn’t even know I was missing."

“This class is one of the most helpful classes I’ve taken. The knowledge gained in the class is very valuable to give anyone an opportunity to build better relationships both professionally and personally. I highly encourage EVERYONE to take the course as soon as they possibly can.” 

"This course was amazing and timely. I gained a lot and would focus on the self-awareness piece and resume/cover letter/interviewing work."

“Yes!  I had no clue what I was doing before this course. It should actually be a REQUIRED course!” 

I learned the importance of themes, knowing my strengths and skills, and being a genuinely enthusiastic informed candidate.”

"Terrific practical materials plus really unique opportunities for personal growth that sometimes you encounter in a surprising way.  Come prepared in body, mind, and spirit."

“The benefit of this course is already twofold. I’ve used the idea of using themes to build a narrative on my performance review and my manager has actually told me she’s excited to have our review session, because she had not realized just how much my job has grown.”

“You have really helped so much. I have no other word than ineffable to describe the value of what I’ve gained in this course this summer. One of the best decisions I’ve made was taking this course. It was a pleasure meeting and learning from you.”

"I already have the drive to move into a new field and had been doing what I knew; volunteering where I could making a connection here and there, asking questions and going to events…This class showed me how to take all of those things that I had been doing and put together a complete package l that I can sell to an employer to so that they choose me. I see this course being rolled out in universities around the country, church groups, military bases helping soldiers reenter as civilians to the workforce, maybe an advertisement in AARP for seniors who want to make a change."