DIY Library

Are you a DIY badass? Get access to the DIY Library for $97 AND you can add on a 30-minute one-on-one call with Sarah for only $50! That’s ONLY $147 for all the tools and inspiration you need to get a job you’ll love. The DIY Library included workbooks, videos, articles, quizzes and other resources all designed to help you discover and reach your goals.

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Liberate Yourself Masterclass

Through the Liberate Yourself Masterclass, you will learn about the options available to you, you will clarify your career goals, and you will be able to articulate how your goals align with your strengths, interests, values, and your vision for your future. The result is a curated personal brand and message that is tailored to your strengths and career interests that will help you make the career move you’re looking for, whatever that may be.


Specifically, you will do 12 modules, and you will finish with:

  • Brand new badass resumes and cover letters tailored to your top employers,
  • Perfected narratives to make the desired change believable and achievable,
  • The best job searching resources, planning tools, and strategies,,
  • Techniques for rocking interviews with any employer in any industry, and
  • A list of target employers to hit the ground running.
  • PLUS you will gain:
  • A safe and confidential way to assess where you are and where you’d like to go in your career,
  • The confidence and the tools to keep going and/or duplicate this process wherever your career may take you. 

Take the class asynchronously or scheduled with a guided group led by Sarah herself. 

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