A Master Class for Professional Transition and Growth

Two Full-Day Sessions, February 16 & 17, 2018, Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you want to switch up your practice, go in house, or leave the law altogether, in this Master Class, you will gain all the tools you need to make a successful career transition.  Guaranteed.  Sarah has not only made the move herself as a former big law lawyer, she has also helped hundreds of lawyers, law students, and other professionals do the same thing.  

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Specifically, in the Liberating Lawyers Master Class, you will go through the process of identifying and clarifying your professional strengths, interests, and values, and learn how to put your professional vision into play in your career.  You will learn how to effectively explore the various markets and opportunities that are open to you as a JD and, by learning the art of professional narrative, you will gain confidence in your ability to communicate your unique value to employers and business connections in any area.  Specifically, you will practice and learn how to select and incorporate persuasive themes in résumés, cover letters, interviews, and business communications.  Finally, Sarah will teach you how to put it all together to conduct an amazingly strong job search and gain the power to get exactly where you want to go.  

In addition, you will finish the 2-day master class with a résumé and cover letter beautifully tailored for any employer you choose, plus a Liberating Lawyers Workbook that contains follow-up exercises for moving forward after the Master Class.  The course is also designed to give you:

  • A safe and confidential space to assess where you are and where you’d like to go in your career
  • Self-awareness and the ability to discuss your professional strengths, interests, and values to employers and business connections
  • An understanding of the available work opportunities both inside and outside of the law
  • The ability to interpret and understand employer and audience priorities and the ability to communicate your unique value to any employer
  • Writing skills for strong, tailored narratives in job search documents, including résumés, cover letters, and business communications
  • The ability to use narrative to rock interviews and business-oriented conversations
  • Easy and powerful tools to grow and maintain a strong professional network
  • A small but powerful network of talented law grads who are also expanding their career horizons
  • Self-ownership and confidence in your ability to change direction and purposefully direct your career

Ready to change your professional life???  Limited to 10 participants.


Optional Liberating Lawyers 3 Month Coaching Package 

Participants in the master class can also continue their work with a specialized coaching package that combines 4 individual sessions with 2 powerful small-group sessions that begin after the Master Class ends.  This unique coaching experience consists of three months of course related bi-monthly sessions, continued growth assignments and check-ins, and an even tighter network of talented professionals making positive professional moves.  

With the Master Class, you gain the tools necessary to make the move.  With the coaching package, you gain the follow-up accountability and positive team vibe that some of us need to make big life changes happen.  With Sarah as your coach, you gain a passionate, experienced ally and partner for your journey.

Ready to change your professional life???  6 spots available.  Only open to Master Class participants.

See here for more details on Sarah’s coaching process.  



"I have learned so much from this class that I have a new excitement for my career search. I feel that I am more equipped to reach out to potential employers in search of my dream job. This course gave me direction and confidence to move into a new career field. This class was a dream come true, it was exactly what I needed and didn’t even know I was missing."



The instant you believe you have power is the instant that you do.