About Sarah D. Carlson

Career Coach ⦿ Lawyer Liberator ⦿ Professor ⦿ Public Speaker ⦿Professional Development Powerhouse 

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Sarah earned her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Political Science at the University of Arizona and her law degree from Harvard Law School in 2007.  After law school, Sarah clerked for a federal judge in Atlanta and then found herself practicing commercial litigation at a top law firm in New York City where she represented large financial institutions in business disputes that arose out of the financial crisis. While doing this high profile legal work, however, Sarah realized that it was not in line with her vision for her life.

In 2011, Sarah made a powerful personal decision to leave her law practice and re-orient herself to her core strengths, interests, and values. At that point, she went from Jimmy Choos to Tevas, and she moved from New York City to Haiti, where she lived in a tent and built schools and water filters after the earthquake of 2010. Through her experiences as an international volunteer, Sarah’s conviction for empowering people to make positive change in their lives grew.

After Haiti, Sarah knew she needed to work with people and she knew she needed it to be positive and powerful. She then started working at Emory Law School as a career coach and Director of the Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy. In that role, Sarah worked with hundreds of law students, giving them the tools to identify professional strengths, interests, and values, and helping them navigate their professional futures. Sarah also became adjunct faculty and created Emory’s first for-credit professional development course, called Professional Narrative, which is designed to teach students how to put the facts of their experience in the light most favorable to them through the concept of narrative. The course has now been expanded and is being taught to all kinds of professionals. Finally, Sarah created and teaches Career Strategy & Design, Emory Law’s flagship professional development curriculum designed specifically for first-year students.

Outside of higher education, Sarah expanded her career coaching to work with practicing lawyers, non-lawyers, and people in all walks of their professional lives and speaks nationally on professional development topics.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Sarah is a passionate traveler, singer, yogi, and coffee enthusiast.

Sarah's Coaching Model

Sarah believes in a holistic, integrated model for career coaching and bases her work off the Japanese concept of Ikigai.


Ikigai is what you get when you find the intersection of (1) what you love, (2) what you’re good at, (3) what you can be paid for, and (4) what the world needs. Sounds pretty great, right? Sarah believes, first, that this is possible. She also believes that this is a journey, and she loves helping people get and stay on their paths to their unique ikigai. If you’re interested in finding yours, schedule with her today!

The instant you believe you have power is the instant that you do.

Unlock and realize your professional potential!

1) To conceive of, grasp
2) To accomplish, make real (a hope/s plan)
3) To convert into cash or money

Our Mission

We exist to empower and equip people to live into their professional potential by teaching them to identify and make the highest use of their talents, (i.e. find their lodestar), so they can live into their purpose and ultimately make the world a better place. 

Our Vision

Our vision is nothing less than individual and planetary transformation.  What would happen if every one of us got the skills and opportunities to live with purpose?  Honestly, we don’t know exactly how the world will be transformed, but our goal is to find out.  

Our Values


Lodestar is built around the belief that we should all be equipped to claim, honor, communicate and live into the gifts we have to offer the world.  Thus, we teach and empower our clients with the skills of self-advocacy, so each of us can be one step closer to self-actualization.


We believe it is all about the journey.  Professional transformation, like anything else that is important in life, occurs step by step.  It is our honor and privilege to guide our clients to their lodestars and to walk with them on their unique paths to purpose and satisfying professional lives. 


We believe that all people have great potential, so we work hard to make our services accessible.  That’s why we provide a free library of resources, sliding fee scales, scholarships, and seasonal discounts, so that we can equip as many people as possible with the skills and resources they need to live into their potential.



A call to living with purpose is not a call to poverty, it is a call to claiming and honoring your value as a whole person, including the professional skills and talents you’ve accumulated along the way.  It is our goal that our clients not only live more satisfying and meaningful professional lives, but also are compensated fairly for their contributions to the world.